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Friends Only

I'm going to go to friends only. If you want to be added just comment here. :)

Mostly costume related but there is general life talk too.

For the record I could have went with it as is. Amazing!

I went through the hassle of undressing the dummy and corseting up. The jacket is 95% good as is but while I have it in a semi unfinished stage I may as well tweak it.

The front waist overlaps by just shy of an inch. The top is perfect so I'll see about shaving the waist down some though some overlap is ok in my book with these pinned closure tops.

The only other part I'm going to adjust is the neckline. It's just as I designed it but now I'm thinking it needs to be a little more open/wider. Less Mormon, more porn. It's comfy but once you add a fichu it's a little claustrophobic.

Garrett had his tonisls removed yesterday.  All in all he's a champ and for the most part it doesn't seem to be bothering him much.  Really the only sign is he's not eating as much as he normally does but he's still eating and drinking no problem.  Not having to dip into the heavy meds.  So far tylenol/motrin is doing the trick.

Even so I'm off work with him this week which means I've been working on the crazy jacket!!!!!

Here's what the scrap stash looks like.  Look at all those colors and patterns!  Eeeee!!

Here are the little pieces that I received that were too small for a triangle on their own.

Here's what those pieces look like turned into triangles.

..... and drum roll........


Here's a bunch of squares! There is at least one of every color/pattern used. I've tried to do at least 2 of each combo if possible since the original jacket is mostly mirrored. I've also tried to do a light/dark combo and somewhat matched the triangles in a square but the original had some clashing so it will happen. I have a long way to go but its a hell of a start!!

Oh and its not too late to donate!

Christy Lee
26 Bent Rd
Palo Pinto, TX 76484


Give your pieces to jenthompson at CoCo!
Its official!  Garrett is getting his tonsils out, May 31.  I've signed my life and bank account away (why do we have insurance again??) but hopefully this will help with is penchant for getting strep so damned much.  I'm really glad about this.  I'm about 5% nervous about the surgery and really don't look forward to the recovery portion in the days after but I'm really happy it's finally happening.  So up to then we've been in and out of various doctor's appointments and super busy.  I'll have to be off work wtih him for about a week.  Maybe I'll get some work done on the crazy jacket finally!  (send your scraps to Christy Lee 26 Bent Rd Palo Pinto, TX 76484)


Staying home with Garrett today. Got a note yesterday that he had diarrhea 4 times. Today there's been nothing but normal. I blame it on the 3 bowls of oatmeal he had for breakfast. He stopped at 3 just because he ate all that was left. Nature's broom as they say.

Mixed Bag

I got my hair cut again.  I'm liking this better than the last.  Short hair is a slippery slope! ~L~   I'm thinking now to let it grow out some an have the front a little longer than the back.  We'll see.

I don't know why but it really annoys me when people associate new mom to my hair when that's not it at all.  Actually, it's more effort to style it shorter, before and now,  than it ever was when it was long.  And, now I can't even be lazy and put it into a ponytail.


In other news I've found a self tanner that I really like.  It doesn't look so obvious on my pale skin.   When applied properly I go from glow-in-the-dark to off white!   I just fail at application it seems.  You would think this was the first time to use it.  It's not.  I'm just that talented!

This isn't the only streaky spot but it's the worst.  My fear of getting too much had me go the other direction and not get enough on.  I was blending in wet but apparently not enough to get even color.  Of course, I must be blind. I didn't see it this morning or I would have wore pants, or at least a long skirt, until I get a chance to either blend it or it fades.

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A coworker got her Stitch Fix box in today.  This shirt didn't fit her.  I thought it was very cute.  Not a pattern I would normally find myself liking, especially the pink, but it was just enough quirky to appeal to me.  I like how the little birds don't look like birds unless you really look closely, adding that little bit of quirky whimsy.  I like quirky.  While this colorway isn't one I would have picked had there been other options I do like it.  So I bought it from her box allowing her to get the discount since she ended up getting the rest of the items.

In other news I was having a discussion with said coworker about a thought I had the other day.  We used to have a girl that worked here that had a moment of trying too hard.  We'll call her Tammy (not her name).  A couple months of random days where she'd dress up, or attempt to, and it just come off wrong, even to my non-fashion eyes.  I remember one time when she tried wearing bronzer and omg.  It was bad.  I'm not sure if I'm making since telling about it verses seeing it but despite people praising her attempts in helpful ways she just all of a sudden just quit and went back to jeans and sack like shirts.  All I can say is it seemed like she was trying too hard at it.  I don't really know how else to explain it.

My attempts at learning my own way in this fashion thing have been no secret and we have many discussions about it here at work.  Girl talk you know.  I was at home the other day trying my hand at pairing up items in my closet in interesting ways.  I remember standing in the mirror looking at a failed pairing wondering if I'm Tammy.  If my attempts were translating as good as I thought.  Were the praise and advice real or were they the same as "Bless your heart".  At the time the thought came and went through my head in a flash.  Not really putting any weight to it.  I didn't brood on the thought.  I really didn't think about it long at all and went on.  I hadn't thought about it since until today.

I don't remember how we got on the topic but somehow it seemed appropriate to bring up my Tammy though to my coworker.  We laughed and then she proceeded to tell me what another coworker had said about me sometime recently.  She said that Bobby (not his name) asked her in passing what was up with me lately.  She didn't understand what he meant.  He told her he said he noticed a difference in how I carried myself.  That I like myself and that he thought it was good.  It was a good change.

I didn't really know how to respond to that when she told me.  For one I don't know that I've ever not liked myself.  I do tend to be a little short tempered and can be standoffish and blunt but I do cut up.  I've never not liked myself in that death poetry way but I told her that I appreciated that my attempts at fashioning were viewed positively, however unintentionally the result.

Do I fell differently?  Not really.  Most days I still feel like I've put lipstick on a pig and that I'm not fooling anyone with this being grown up thing, despite being 37.  I still feel like my silly self and a little stuffy in my office gear, gussied up with jewelry.  I'm still not used to putting effort into what I wear on a daily basis.  Is it possible I carry myself differently?  Sure I suppose it's possible.  The saying fake it till you make it didn't come from no where.

It's all about perception.  What another sees may surprise you in a good way.


July Stitch Fix

Stylist: Dana

Dane Beaded Fringe Pendant:

I admit that I peeked when I got my shipping notification, googling the names of what was coming my way.  An image of this necklace come up and I loved it.  I kind of hoped it was going to be shorter but the length isn't bad.  And, of course, I need another piece of turquoise jewelry!  ~rolls eyes~

Annabel Lattice Crochet Detail Blouse:

I really wanted to love this shirt.  At first blush I was all about this shirt.  Sadly there are several issues that I just don't care for.  First and foremost I specifically mentioned in my profile that I don't like high/low.  I get that this isn't much of a high/low but my boobs cause the front to be even higher and it just feels funny.  I was a little miffed about that but I decided I'd get over that and really look at the shirt.

I liked the materials and details a lot.  It's how it's constructed I don't like.  The shoulder seam is meant to be slightly to the front of your shoulder.  That is just weird to me.  I kept wanting to pull it back so that the seam sat directly on top of my shoulder like every other shirt on the planet does.

Also it has no real shape.  I get that it's a relaxed carefree pull it on and go shirt but it really doesn't do anything for me.  Shapeless with a bust and short torso just makes me look huge.  I do have a better than average sewing skill and could easily taken in the side seams to create a little bit of a curved waist but why should I.  These pieces are pretty costly.  Not to mention altering the side seam would alter how the "waist band" lace flowed front to back.

May Damask Print Knit Back Top:

I'm not a huge fan of this shirt.  The shape is ok.  I don't hate the shape.  I do have a few other tops similar to it. I just don't care for the pattern, well the color of the pattern.  The pattern itself is great.  I love the iron fence scrolly type pattern and this royal blue is a favorite of mine.  It's the high contrast of the white background that I don't like.  I think if the background was a similar color creating a tonal effect I may like it more.  I don't have an issue with the back being a solid color and it doesn't bother me that the pattern fabric is a non stretch where the back is a knit.

Nolan Ankle Skinny Jean:
These were your basic denim jean in white.  Something I probably need in my closet but these didn't fit. What they were labeled and what they actually fit are WAY different.  The tag said 31 but holly hell there was no way they were a 31.  These were easily 4 sizes too small.  I couldn't get them above mid thigh so no you aren't getting a picture.

Dawn Jersey Chevron Print Maxi Skirt:

I really liked this skirt out of the box.  I have a thing for the aqua color and I'm really digging the chevron trend.  I was willing to overlook the thinness of the fabric and the cost of the skirt if it fit but it didn't.  I would say it's a size too small at least or maybe it was how it's shaped.  it's got more of a straight skirt shape where my other maxis are slightly flared a-line when comparing.  So on  me the top clings past the fullness of my hips and thighs again making me look bigger than I am.  You can tell the stretch in how it's distorting the pattern at the top verses the bottom. Which, incidentally, causes the fabric to be even more sheer.

I was a little bummed with this fix.  While style wise this was a much better fix than last time fit wise it was a disappointment.  The pieces I wanted to keep just didn't work for me.  Either because of size issues or how they were cut.  Oh well.  Win some you loose some.  I ended up keeping the necklace just so I wouldn't loose my styling fee.  The necklace turned out to be free since the credits received from their customer service last time covered the cost.  I may or may not have kept it if another piece worked out due to costs and that I have so many other turquoise pieces.

As before, if you do want to try Stitch Fix use my link please.   I get a $25 referral credit.

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The time has finally come!  The little boy has transitioned to cow's milk a few weeks ago so I'm no longer a slave to the breast pump.  I can finally ditch the old worn out nursing bras.  Yay!  The nursing bra was great and very comfortable but it was time to add some more support to the situation. Poor bras have seen better days.  I'm sure I'll change sizes again but no need to be uncomfortable until then.anita-5068-microfiber-nursing-bra.shtml

Nursing hasn't been all that bad on me thus far.  There is a loss of some firmness and I'm sure there will be more to come as well a possible size change again later on.  The one major change I've noticed is the differences between both sides.  Before I was about 1/2 cup size different and now I'm at least a full cup.  Maybe more.  I'm not sure.  I tried many things during nursing but the smaller right side was the lazy producer by far so here we are.  The smaller side just wouldn't keep up.  I think if I didn't have the overproduction of the larger side I wouldn't have been able to nurse and keep The Boy happy.

Due to my size (34g or 34DDDD equivalent) I ended up going online for my nursing bras.   Brick and mortar stores either don't carry this size or not enough brands/models to fit me.  I found a great selection at HerRoom.com so I've kept going back there when I needed sports bras and now regular bras.  Also, returns there is super easy so ordering a ton for at home trials is great.  The only thing they could do better is to offer free return shipping but no biggie since they offer free to you shipping over a certain amount.

I ended up doing the shotgun effect like normal and ordered 20+ different bras in a range of styles/brands in couple sizes each.  I finally found one I'm happy with and boy does it make a difference!  I was a fan of molded cup bras before pregnancy, since they disguise the size discrepancies, so that's what I was looking for.

I actually ended up finding two bras I liked.  One is a molded cup style which I kept, Cleo by Panache Maddie T-Shirt Bra, and the other a lace bra, Panache Envy Balconnet Bra.  The only reason I didn't end up keeping the lace bra is because the wires came up too high in the center and became uncomfortable after a little while.  It felt great when I put it on so definitely wear them around for a little bit and see how it feels over time.  My only complaint is that these bras only have a 2 hook back so its fairly narrow.  After finding a brand that seems to fit me consistently I'll try a wider range of styles just from Panache next time around.

I still need to address the smaller boob.  Leaving it as it is causes the cup to collapse, when I slouch mostly, and the wire and strap to drift into my arm.  Slightly annoying.  All the bras did this so it's an issue with the fit my boob not the bra as the other side is great. I've ordered some of those chicken cutlet inserts (cheaper on Amazon) to help balance things out.  Hopefully wearing one on the right side will fill in the cup enough to pull things to their proper place instead of cutting into my arm.

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Got my hair cut again. I decided to go shorter this time around. Shoulder length with layering. She didn't touch my bangs since they are still growing out to a normal length since the last girl cut them too short. I really like it but I'm still trying to figure out how to style it. I forgot to get a picture the day I got it cut. Here's yesterday and today.
From Modern Clothes

From Modern Clothes